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First Exhibition In Tokyo

I'm so excited to have my first illustration exhibition in Tokyo. It features 20 original images. 10 are from my 'Doggy Doodles' range and 10 are from my fantasy series 'Lasso The Moon'.

Thanks to Akiko for hosting this exhibition at the Steichen Gallery. Details HERE.

Here are a couple of sneaky peek photos

Im such a fan of Japanese art and culture it makes it all the more exciting for me to have my first exhibition there.


Vesper Walk and The Fallen Angel book

Really excited about this. The first book I have illustrated has arrived. It will be available soon at the Vesper Walk live shows. I will post more details soon.

Here is Watson with his copy

'Fallen Angel' A Fairytale Of A Live Show

I have had the pleasure recently of having the opportunity to do some Illustrations for York band Vesper Walk. They are doing something pretty cool and different with their live shows. 
They have asked me if I would illustrate the narrative that accompanies the live show, not only that, it's going to be turned into a little book that will soon be available to buy at their shows.
It's called 'Fallen Angel' and here's a sneak peek at some of the drawings.

Here is what one&other magazine has to say about what promises to be an amazing project. Watch this space :)